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Real Fishing Simulator

  • Moving plate for a realistic trolling experience

  • Reel and rod configuration used for real trolling fishing  

  • Tension simulation system for the best taste

  • Maximization of immersion by reality wave simulation

  • Implement various behavior patterns according to the AI of the target fish

  • Maximize tension with various environmental effects

  • Built-in line recovery function capable of unmanned system  

  • Fully developed HW / SW in-house for smooth AS

  • Complete product diversification for home, business, and franchise use




About Big Fishing Zone

  • Motivate with storytelling based on historical facts of the world's largest language
    Applied to stage composition by maximizing existential background and records
    - It consists of a total of 1 to 10 stages, each providing a variety of surrounding environments.
    - As the stage increases, the vitality of large target fish increases.
    - Competitive play from 1 to 4 players is possible on one device.
    - Supports network multiplayer mode where multiple devices can compete.

  • Game difficulty selectable mode support.
    - Selection of all age groups (children/female/male) for the general public to secure popularity.
    - Selectable hardcore play mode for professionals.

  • Development of next-generation products that can enter both face-to-face and non-face-to-face markets
    - Easy access to each offline market such as PC rooms, franchises, and department stores
    - Leading the non-face-to-face community product market using network technology
    - Pioneering non-face-to-face arcade market through rental service and supply of general low-cost products

  • Pioneering a new market with the theme of trolling fishing, which is difficult to find in Korea
    - Propose a new direction in the stagnant period of the screen sports market
    - Provision of coping contents according to the expansion of proxy satisfaction contents according to domestic and international fandoms

  • Entering the global market using next-generation technology
    - State-of-the-art technology aggregate such as 5G network, ICT convergence, and moving motion device technology
    - Strengthen competitiveness with domestic products in the experiential arcade game market focused on foreign products

  • Fully developed HW / SW in-house for smooth AS

  • Completed product diversification for home, business, franchise (multi), etc.

  • Providing the best taste with luxury yachts

  • Maximize immersion with the latest 3D wave rendering effect 

  • Implement various AI patterns according to the target language 

  • Next-generation business model that can be installed in a narrow space and can be operated unmanned

  • Projector, monitor, HMD view can be switched for each device

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commercial products

household products

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Ranking system, difficulty control system,

High level of interest with phishing maps, line status guidance, etc. 

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[ Smooth maintenance ]

HW, SW, Contents  Full development possible

[ Unmanned operation management ]

Independent operation possible only by initial booting

[ Guaranteed Profitability ]

Profitability due to reduction in construction cost and space

[Easy Accessibility]

Configurable to enjoy regardless of age or gender according to difficulty setting

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