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Youth Protection Policy

1. Goals of Youth Protection Policy

Phoenix Studio (hereinafter referred to as the Company) creates a sound service environment for youth to be protected from harmful environments.


2. Protection of the rights and interests of juveniles

1) Right to be protected from harmful environment

The company takes measures to protect youth from environments that harm or may harm their health.

2) Right to protection of personal information

The company handles and manages the personal information of youth in accordance with the company's personal information protection policy. In order to provide smooth and stable services to young people, personal information is collected legally and fairly within the minimum scope when registering as a member, and the purpose It is not used for any other purpose. In addition, we take best measures to ensure that the collected personal information is safely managed. A child's legal representative or juvenile may request access to and correction of the child's or his or her personal information.

3. Access restrictions and management measures for juveniles

The company implements access restrictions and management measures to provide suitable services to young people.


1) Provide age-grade service

The company takes measures to ensure that young people can use age-appropriate services. Game products provided by the company check the age of users so that they can be used, and access to game products that are not available for youth is blocked.

2) Implementation of real name and identity verification system

In order for users to use the services provided by the company, they must go through the process of real name and identity verification, so that they are not procedurally blocked from using services that do not fit their age rating or from being exposed to media harmful to youth.

3) Obtaining the consent of the legal representative

When a child under the age of 14 requests to use the company's services, the company approves the use application with the consent of the legal representative. Also, when juveniles wish to carry out obligations such as payment of fees, they must obtain the consent of their legal representative.

4) Applying a forbidden word

The company applies prohibition words such as profanity and violent sexual expressions to promote healthy language habits of youth.

5) Operation of filtering system

The company takes filtering measures when you enter profanity, slang, or profanity in the chat window.

6) Implement monitoring of unhealthy information

The company implements 24-hour monitoring to protect youth from unsound information.

7) Restrictions on advertising

The company limits the content of advertisements so that young people are not exposed to harmful advertisements (adult advertisements, harmful substances, etc.).

8) Sanctions against acts that undermine public order and morals

The company takes sanctions against matters that harm public information or good morals.

9) Application of payment limit

The company sets, applies, and operates a monthly payment limit to prevent excessive payments by teenagers.

10) Provision of payment information and game use information

The company provides the payment details of juvenile users to their legal representatives every month. In addition, if there is a request from a legal representative, we support the youth to check the game use and payment details.

11) Posting a cautionary note to prevent long-term game use

The company publishes a cautionary note on the initial screen of game execution to prevent youth from using the game for a long time. In addition, during the use of the game, a notice is posted regularly to inform the passage of the usage time.


4. Implementation of education for business workers for the protection of youth

The company provides education related to youth protection to business workers. Youth protection education is provided by a youth protection officer or protection manager or entrusted to an external expert or organization.


5. Complying with the Internet Business Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines for Youth Protection

The company complies with the Internet Business Code of Ethics and Practice Guidelines for the protection of youth.

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