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Phoenix Studio, established in 2019, is a company with SW / HW convergence technology composed of people with an average of 15 years of experience in development in virtual reality, metaverse, and game fields.  We are a professional developer.

VR, AR, and MR business, as well as the performance of supplying training video shooting business to the Korean Air Force and the police, a fishing simulator applying the latest hardware technology, virtual reality exhibition hall construction business using its own developed engine, non-face-to-face healthcare The company's capabilities have been focused on new industries using the latest technologies, such as network platforms and mobile game launches.

Based on the infinite possibilities of the metaverse world as of 2022 and the various know-how of numerous projects accumulated at the Phoenix Studio so far, we want to leap forward as a professional metaverse developer. 

About Phoenix Studio

Corporate Philosophy

  • Leading the world with next-generation technology to impress customers.

management goals

  • We think from the customer's point of view and pioneer the next-generation market through technological advancement.

business purpose

  • Creative: Research new technologies with creative thinking.

  • Challenge: Do not settle for the present, but always take on a challenge.

  • Change: Change the market with innovative technologies and products.

corporate culture

  • We cherish like family, communicate with our hearts and become one with a sense of ownership.

1. VR, AR, MR business

VR GUN GAME (Apocalypse, Deathscape)

Development of riding-type fishing simulator and personal arcade fishing machine

VR Training and Education ( Police, soldiers, safety, viewing )

2. Video shooting business

Video shooting system that can handle variable firearms

3. Mobile game development and publishing business

Our Mobile Game: Jump King, No back hero

4. Virtual reality exhibition venue construction project

Smart exhibition hall construction system using in-house development engine

5. Non-face-to-face healthcare system

Network, MR technology Next-generation healthcare platform

6. Metaverse Industry-University Cooperation Project

Non-face-to-face next-generation metaverse  College event platform

7. Non-face-to-face industrial safety education platform

VR and network technology convergence next-generation industrial safety education platform


Our Offices

Phoenix Studio in Korea

​I will go with your talent.

​We look forward to many job applications.

25, Shimin-daero 248beon-gil, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

Anyang Creative Industry Promotion Institute No. 1105

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